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Southern Home Inspection Service has been operating since 2001 and has performed over 7,000 inspections. All properties are examined thoroughly in accordance to the standards and practice's as laid out by the Alabama Building Commission and the home inspection industry. While Southern Home Inspection Service strives to examine each home equally and thoroughly a home inspection is not an exact science. As such our site visit is limited and some defects may be missed. A home inspection is to identify any visual major defects & deficiencies existing at the time of the inspection. Age & normal wear and tear are not deemed as deficient items and are taken into consideration during the inspection. Older homes are problematic and typically higher in maintenance than newer homes due to newer technology and construction methods. When buying an older 

home these issues should be factored into your decision. Older homes on a crawl space are built on a wood foundation have their own set of issues that a slab house will not have. The majority of these issues are typically moisture related due to exposed plumbing, heating & A/C ductwork and loosely exposed soil. Some major settling can occur as presented in the photo above. Crawl spaces should be examined on an annual basis for these issues plus the presence or absence of termites and other pests. Roofs along with heating & cooling systems should also be visually inspected yearly and particularly after any major storm such as a tornado, hurricane or hail storm. Buying a home is an exciting time in one's life and the largest purchase most people will ever make. Choose your home carefully and choose your inspector carefully. 

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